Welcome to INTO THE LIGHT Journal! This journal is NOT about me but about the GREAT Savior, the LORD JESUS CHRIST and ALL that He has done for me (and NOT what I have done)—who saved and changed(inside-out) a great sinner like me. I don't claim that I know everything about life. But one thing I am certain, that apart from the love and mercies of Christ—I AM NOTHING. "... God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world."(Galatians 6:14). I’m attesting the words of Charles Spurgeon: "My hope lives not because I am not a sinner but because I am a sinner for whom Christ died; I don’t trust that I am holy but that, being unholy, He is my righteousness. I don't have to be rich, but I must be pure. My faith doesn’t rest upon what I am, or shall be, or feel, or know, but in what Christ IS and what He has done for me. The love of Jesus is the source of salvation. He loves, He looks, He touches us, and we live!" Christ said, "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing."(John 15:5). For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 10:36)

Journaling in Christ's throne of grace,

Erlinda Mejia Olson, BSN, RN

Treasures of Wisdomღ

2 TIMOTHY 3:16-17 ~ "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work."

JAMES 1:5 ~ "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him."

"People often seem to think that when you're following the Lord and trying to do His will, your path will always be clear, the decisions smooth and easy, and life will be lived happily ever after and all that. Sometimes that may be true, but I've found that more often, it's not. The muddled decisions still seem muddled, bad things still happen to believers, and great things can happen to nonbelievers. When it comes to making our decisions, the key that God is concerned with is that we are trusting and seeking Him. God's desire is for us to align our lives with His Word and His will." -Tim Tebow, Through My Eyes

"You and I were created by God to be so much more than normal…Following the crowd is not a winning approach to life. In the end it’s a loser’s game, because we never become who God created us to be by trying to be like everybody else." -Tim Tebow, Through My Eyes

"Success comes in a lot of ways, but it doesn't come with money and it doesn't come with fame. It comes from having a meaning in your life, doing what you love and being passionate about what you do. That's having a life of success. When you have the ability to do what you love, love what you do and have the ability to impact people. That's having a life of success. That's what having a life of meaning is." -Tim Tebow

"No matter what happens, you're always going to have those critics and those haters. You just have to learn how to deal with that. I think I have and accept that." -Tim Tebow

"You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have." -Corrie ten Boom

"Do you know what hurts so very much? It's love. Love is the strongest force in the world, and when it is blocked that means pain. There are two things we can do when this happens. We can kill that love so that it stops hurting. But then of course part of us dies, too. Or we can ask God to open up another route for that love to travel." -Corrie ten Boom 

"I have kept nothing back from God.” - Florence Nightingale (1829-1910) founder of modern Nursing 

There was once a preacher who sympathetically said, "I think it is a great pity that the Master did not give you sight when He showered so many other gifts upon you." Fanny Crosby replied, "Do you know that if at birth I had been able to make one petition, it would have been that I should be born blind?" Surprisingly, the preacher asked, "Why?" She boldly said, "Because when I get to heaven, the first face that shall ever gladden my sight will be that of my Savior!" –Frances Jane "Fanny" Crosby (1820-1915)

"When you’re secure in who you are and in your calling, you don’t have to talk so much." -Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"I believe you can give yourself to Satan just as you can give yourself to Christ. And I do believe that Satan is willing to pay a pretty good price for an individual, whatever you demand of him. He can get most of us pretty cheap, however. In fact, he buys most folk like bananas, by the bunch...I am absolutely ashamed that some people sell out to the devil so cheap." -Excerpt from, The Philippian Jailer: When the Hour of Decision is Midnight, by J. Vernon McGee

"Learning is indispensable in man’s pursuit for life. And I am not above reproach. More so, that I serve an omniscient (Psalm 147:3-5; Hebrews 4:12-13) God—Christ Jesus my Lord and Saviour." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Outside of the cross of Jesus Christ, there is no hope in this world. That cross and resurrection at the core of the Gospel is the only hope for humanity. Wherever you go, ask God for wisdom on how to get that Gospel in, even in the toughest situations of life." -Ravi Zacharias

"I think that proud, hypocritical Christians have done more damage to the church than any unbeliever. By looking down on others as “less spiritual,” we’re missing the heart of the gospel and the grace of Christ." -With Seeking Him - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." -Hebrews 13:8

"Our God is God—He does not change; His truth, His love remain each day the same, He’s faithful to His matchless name, For God is God—He does not change." -D. DeHaan

"Before I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Personal Savior, I used to sincerely believe that my Catholic religion (or any religion for that matter) was my ticket to heaven, but I was sincerely wrong. I couldn't thank God enough for sending His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who bought me for a price not of incorruptible things, but through His precious shed blood on the cross, He redeemed me for eternity." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"In Christ Jesus, I am able to love and see my mother beyond her imperfections and shortcomings. For "love will cover a multitude of sins." (1 Peter 4:8) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I am at peace that whatever seasons of life befalls me; I know my FAITH will see me through." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Whatever life may bring just NEVER GIVE UP on JESUS. -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I don't let my failures define me. I learned to anchor all my failures in Jesus, because He never fails. Without Him, I can do nothing (John 15:5)." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I am unlovely but the Lord Jesus is altogether lovely." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"On a Pilgrim's road, eveveryday is a mission trip. When you have the Lord in the midst you have everything that you need — "For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s (Romans 14:8)." A joyful journey begins and ends in Christ." -David and Erlinda Olson

"I came to America for freedom of religion and culture. Not that I am not grateful for my beginning, however, I considered myself a pilgrim—as a saved person in Jesus Christ, I can testify to that freedom. All the countries that God has allowed me to visit in the past, I found my freedom of religion here in America. It is undeniable, however, that this freedom—we all so enjoy at this present time, is endangered. Nevertheless, I found true freedom when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ in 1998 and made Him as my Lord and Personal Savior—I received Jesus Christ Himself and not religion. I have been set free for once and for all. There is nothing more I need to do—because Christ paid it all. IT'S DONE! No matter what will happen in the future, I know that I belong to Christ forever." –Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I desire to serve the Lord and live my life—unveiled of hypocrisy." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Genuine peace can never be bought at any price. If it can be, then it ceased to be genuine." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

""I once saw a catalog that offered what they called a "Magical Nightshirt." It had a message printed backward, so you could read it in the mirror. The message said, "I am a precious, wondrous, special, unique, rare, valuable, whole, entitled, worthy, and deserving person." According to the catalog, the nightshirt was meant to "remind you just how precious and unique you are." That nightshirt reflects the desire that we all have to feel special and valued. We are precious and unique to God because we were made in His image, but we don’t become valuable by telling ourselves how loveable we are. Instead we come to God admitting we are fallen, broken, weak, and sinful. Then we accept His mercy and His incredible love for undeserving sinners demonstrated by Christ’s death on the cross for us. That’s what gives our lives true value and worth."" -Nancy Leigh DeMoss, in With Seeking Him Devotional-

"We may live in a fallen world but we do not serve a fallen God." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"You are always thinking of me, O God. Your heart continually yearns towards me. You are always coordinating the events of life for my good. Your love is stronger than death; no water can quench it, and no flood can drown it. O, what surprising grace! You see me in Christ. In myself, apart from Christ, I am abhorrent; but You behold me as wearing Christ's garments, and washed in His blood, and, for this reason, I stand accepted in Your presence. This is why I am continually in Your favor—"continually with You." Here is your comfort today! If you are troubled by the storm within, then behold the calm without. " Say it out loud: Nevertheless"—O say it in your heart, and take the peace it gives. "Nevertheless, I am continually with You." -Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

""President Abraham Lincoln once said: "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends." In Matthew 5:43-45, the Lord has instructed us to love our enemies, "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." It may sound difficult to love someone who hates you. But, it is more difficult to hate someone when you are doing something good for them."" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" –Anonymous

"In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. " -John Bunyan

"What God says is best, is best, though all the men in the world are against it." -John Bunyan

"I still believe that standing up for the truth of God is the greatest thing in the world. This is the end (purpose) of life. The end of life is not to be happy. The end of life is not to achieve pleasure and avoid pain. The end of life is to do the will of God, come what may." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it politic? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular- but one must take it simply because it is right." -Martin Luther King Jr

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." -Theodore Roosevelt

"God’s love toward us becomes even more evident in the middle of hardships. How beautiful is the lone star that confidently smiles through the thunder clouds at night. How bright is the oasis that blooms in the wilderness of sand. How beautiful and bright is God’s love in the middle of wrath. Be confident! When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, don’t become disturbed, fearing the evil around you. Instead, be assured that no matter what comes you are beneath the protective wings of Jehovah. Rest in His faithful promise, and defy even the darkest forecasts for nothing can harm you. Your only concern should be to show the world the blessedness of listening to the voice of God’s wisdom." -Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon; revised and edited by William C. Neff

"Thankfulness is contingent upon what’s in our heart—not what’s in our hand or wallet or bank account. Our circumstances may not be all that sweet, but wherever we are it's God's will that we give thanks in everything in Christ Jesus (1 Thess. 5:18)." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I am committed to write and produce quality Christian music that "speaks to the heart," and not to the flesh. I believe that Christian music should speak to the depths of a person’s soul and point them to Jesus Christ." –Abigail Miller of Abigail Miller Ministries

"Material things will come and go, but the difference we make in a life of a person imprints forever. Be mindful: It is all about Christ, it is never about us. Love God and people more than things." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Perhaps we may have been guilty of speaking against others and have not realized how it may have grieved them. Until someone speaks against us—then we suddenly realize how deeply such words cut through our heart that we become mindful to how we have hurt others." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"When we think we have the power to draw, to design, to calculate, to program, to engineer our lives, we can be debilitated by that feeling of power. We take on the weight and responsibility when it is not ours to take. When we do this, we are consumed with ourselves, stuck in our own little world, sugar-coated with all kinds of wrong, distorted beliefs, that ultimately leads to no fear of God." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"But if your heart is proud toward God or your eyes are lofty toward others, if you have an exalted, elevated opinion of yourself, then you are going to be devastated by the storms. You’re going to live in turmoil within. Most of the noise in our souls are generated by our attempts to control the uncontrollable. We try to manage something. We try to fix somebody. And we end up with this noise in our soul; not a quiet heart, but in turmoil." -Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"Parenting - not politics, not the classroom, not the laboratory, not even the pulpit - is the place of greatest influence. To suppose otherwise is to be captive to the shriveled secular delusion. We must understand that it is through the godly family that Gods grace, a vision of God, a burden for the world, and a Christian character are most powerfully communicated." -Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent & Barbara Hughes

"If through a broken heart God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then thank Him for breaking your heart." -Oswald Chambers

"No amount of money or things will ever give a person lasting joy. Ultimately, because joy unlike happiness is not based on circumstances nor a fulfillment of material gain. Joy is the absence of any circumstances. Therefore, if you sow joy, you will reap contentment. Because a joyful person is a content person." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"At times God puts us through the discipline of darkness to teach us to heed Him. Song birds are taught to sing in the dark, and we are put into the shadow of God's hand until we learn to hear Him ... Watch where God puts you into darkness, and when you are there keep your mouth shut. Are you in the dark just now in your circumstances, or in your life with God? Then remain quiet ... When you are in the dark, listen, and God will give you a very precious message for someone else when you get into the light." -Oswald Chambers

"Beauty is more than skin deep—it starts in the heart and works outward." -Elizabeth George

"God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede." -Oswald Chambers

"Whatever your problems are. No matter how big they are. Don't forget that God is still sitting in His throne. Don't try to understand always the Lord's ways but learn to trust Him no matter what (Proverbs 3:5-6)." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Problems can either make a person bitter or better. Which one are you?" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"We need to replace the vanity in our lives with the pursuit of godliness. We can try as hard as we may, but we are not going to find any scripture in the Bible that encourages pursuing a body that is perfectly thin, always tanned and completely toned. It is not a godly pursuit." -Carolyn Mahaney

"It is far better to die telling the truth than to live with a lie." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"God's will can never be against His Word." - Alan Hodak

"Don't buy the habit of mentality of having it your way." - Alan Hodak

"You can't make your will to happen if it is not God’s will." -Alan Hodak

"You cannot allow your desire to supersede what may God requires." -Alan Hodak

"It is always good to tell the truth, than to re-invent the truth." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I claim: That the thirst of the Lord Jesus on the Cross was my thirst. He suffered what I should have suffered. His torments were intended rightfully for me. But I thank Him for His love, He did what I cannot do. He died for me! So I rejoice, that the thirst of the Lord Jesus has purchased me the right to drink and never thirst again and the blood He shed for me has cleansed me from all my transgressions." -Erlinda Mejia Olson"

"I desire my life to reflect a love for Christ, alone. Not a love for Christ because of what He gives me, adds to me, or keeps me from. Only a love for Him." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

""Married to Christ, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, and a lot of people are going to be finding out in the days ahead, "Did we really love Christ for who He is, or were we paid lovers, loving Him for what He can give us?"" -Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"It ain't those parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it's the parts that I do understand." -Mark Twain

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." -Jim Elliot

In whatever circumstances we find ourselves in life, know this, we never walk alone. For the LORD our God is with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9). The LORD promised, He will never leave us, now forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Our blessed hope in Christ Jesus, our LORD and Personal Savior. –Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Whether we have receieved what we've asked for or not, whether we are in abundance or in scarcity, in turmoil or in peace, no matter how difficult our life's predicaments are, and our world is in contant chaos, I encourage you to celebrate life and be thankful not only for the big moments so worthy of appreciation, but also for the little blessings that come your way. Remember Friend, The LORD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"A true friend wants your time, not your money." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"And I can say, that even in my own personal journey, I find it very difficult to go on in life if I have not forgiven." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free, and to realize the prisoner was you." -Corrie Ten Boom

"This is the greatest story ever told: Without the birth of Jesus, there will be no Christmas that we all love to celebrate. I understand all the excitement that this season may bring upon, but let us not forget, JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I have learned that in every circumstance that comes my way, I can choose to respond in one of two ways: I can whine or I can worship! And I can't worship without giving thanks. It just isn't possible. When we choose the pathway of worship and giving thanks, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances, there is a fragrance, a radiance, that issues forth out of our lives to bless the Lord and others." -Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy

"YOU CAN NEVER LOSE WHAT YOU HAVE OFFERED TO CHRIST. It's the man who tries to save himself (or his reputation or his work or his dreams of success or fulfillment) who loses. Jesus gave us His word that if we'd lose our lives for His sake, we'd find them." -Elisabeth Elliot

"Beware of those who are afraid to quote Scripture, who say it's too "simplistic," doesn't apply here, won't work. Beware of the counselor who is "nondirectional." Be cautious when the advice given makes you feel comfortable when you know you're really wrong." -Elisabeth Elliot

"The devil’s most damning weapon is not demon possession, or even the oppression he forces on weak Christians. His most damning weapon is not evil spirits, ghostly appearances, weird sounds, green flashing lights, levitation, or chairs scooting around a room. The devil’s most powerful weapon is unforgiven sin. It is the only ammunition he has against us. Sin that we try to shield from the Holy Spirit’s scrutiny becomes a weapon in the devil’s hands. With it, he can accuse us, belittle us, strip us of confidence and, finally, he can rob our joy and peace of mind." -Joni Eareckson Tada

"Man has a claim on God, a divine claim for any pain, want, disappointment, or misery that will help to make him what he ought to be. He has a claim to be punished, and to be spared not one pang that may urge him toward repentance; yea, he has a claim to be compelled to repent; to be hedged in on every side, to have one after another of the strong, sharp-toothed sheep-dogs of the Great Shepherd sent after him, to thwart him in any desire, foil him in any plan, frustrate him of any hope, until he comes to see at length that nothing will ease his pain, nothing make life a thing worth having, but the presence of the living God within him; that nothing is good but the will of God; nothing noble enough for the desire of the heart of man but oneness with the eternal. For this God must make him yield his very being, that He himself may enter in and dwell with him." –George MacDonald

"Being successful is not solely measured by the list of your successes, but on how well you handled failure and embraced it with grace and humility." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days. There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the LORD’s counsel—that will stand." (Proverbs 19:20-21)

"Every breath is a gift from God. Be joyful. Be thankful. Each day that He blesses us is a chance to live a new life. A chance to make a difference in the world." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"When trouble comes into your life, maybe you just see trouble. But God sees an opportunity to teach you something new. The desert is a great training ground—not fun, not comfortable, but effective." -Leslie Basham, Revive Our Hearts Ministry

"I don't claim that I know everything about life. But one thing I am certain—that apart from the love and mercies of Christ, I AM NOTHING." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Men pleasers constantly worry about their image. Christ pleasers consistently work on their integrity." -Kurt Skelly

"There's only one legitimate boasting that God allows, and that is to boast in the cross of our LORD Jesus Christ." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Our friends paint themselves on our faces. "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friends" (Proverbs 27:17). So, choose your friends carefully." (Proverbs 12:26) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent us an educator. If our our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist. If our greatest need had been money, God would have sent us an economist. If our greatest need would have been pleasure, God would have sent us an entertainer. But our greatest need is forgiveness, so God sent us a Savior." -Anonymous

"Godly character is the best beauty treatment in the world." -Anonymous

"If what you did yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today." -Elbert Hubbard

"Many books inform, but only one transforms -the HOLY BIBLE-" -Anonymous

"Worry is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do, but it won't let you get anywhere." -Dr. John Goestch

"Reason is the enemy of faith" -Martin Luther

"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one who has no faith, no explanation is possible." -Anonymous

"When you meet a man or woman who puts Jesus Christ first, knit that one to your soul." -Oswald Chambers

"Meekness is not being weak. Meekness is power under control." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"When we allow an irritation to enter our heart, we have just sent an invitation to the devil to injure our relationship with God" (Colossians 3:17). -Dr. John Goetsch

"Man's sinful heart needs a replacement—once and for all. And the surgery can only be performed by the Great Surgeon - the LORD Jesus Christ." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Witnessing is not just something a Christian says, but what "he" is." -Anonymous

"Speak when you are angry and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret." -Henry Ward Beechar

"No pillow so soft as one of God's promises. Your words only have power to the degree that your life reflects your message. What is behind us, and in front of us, and around us means littl if we stay focused on what's "in" us (Read Ephesians 3:20)" -Anonymous

""When I was a teenager I told my mother: "I only want to get married once. I don't believe in divorce nor living together. If I can't find the right man for me, then I'm better off single, serving God, for the rest of my life."" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"The most powerful person in a man’s life is his wife" -Crawford Loritts

"Never make a Christ out of your faith, nor think of as if it were the independent source of your salvation. Our life is found in "looking unto Jesus," not in looking to our own faith. By faith all things become possible to us; yet the power is not in the faith, but in the God upon whom faith relies." -C.H. Spurgeon

"What I believe about God is the most important thing about me." -A.W. Tozer

"Christianity is not a religion but a personal relationship in the Lord Jesus Christ. “the author and finisher of our faith" (Hebrews 12:2b) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"If you think you are too great to do small things, then you are too small to do great things." -Anonymous

"Don’t look to be accepted by others. Just serve God and look to accept others." LORD Jesus, THANK YOU, for giving me the strength and meekness to serve and to accept others. I praise You in all Journeys of life. Your grace never ceased to amaze me!" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Humility is NOT thinking LOW of yourself. Humility is NOT THINKING about yourself at all." -Anonymous

"In the beauty of simplicity, I found contentment. Though I am poor, yet I am rich, ALL because of CHRIST." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"When you are tempted to ask the Lord Jesus: "Why did You do this to me Lord?" Just look at the Cross and ask: "Why did You do that FOR me, Lord?"" -Erlinda Mejia-Olson

"God is NOT impressed with our ability. He is impressed with our AVAILABILITY" -Anonymous

"I know that it's not always easy to wait on the Lord, but it's more difficult if you give up on the Lord. "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." (Psalm 46:1) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"My greatest fear is not to fail, but to succeed at something that doesn’t really matter to God." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I journal not to show how great I am. I journal to show how great God is in changing you and I. Molding Christians to be more like Christ. He's the potter, we are the clay. "But now, O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand." (Isaiah 64:8) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I CAN’T brag about my love for God because I fail Him daily. But I CAN brag about His love for me because it never fails (1 Cor 13:8). Oh, the Love of God!" (Romans 8:38-39) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Self glorification was never what I strived for. What I strived for was to journal one more good journey—To glorify Christ. To point souls to Him. Hoping to build others up—if I could—in the wisdom of God's Word." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I follow the Lord Jesus because He first loved me (1 John 4:19). I follow the Lord Jesus because He died for me (Galatians 2:20). The Lord Jesus has set me FREE! (Romans 8:2) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I exercise: So I can be more useful for the LORD's service—in everything that He calls me to do. "For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come." (1 Timothy 4:8) ... For me, 'Fitness is a Journey not a destination.' " -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Take everything to the Word of God and measure it to see whether it be of God or man. If it doesn’t line up then we know that it is not truth. What better guide do we have than the Word of God? We can’t go wrong if we bring everything and measure it to the Bible.

"Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"I have learned that in every life’s journey—a goodbye is not the end … but a beginning. A photograph can never fill the absence … but can speak. The memories of the past can shed tears … but tears of Joy. And, words, though can never replace feelings … but can change the heart." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Yesterday, I was just staring at a closed door. Today, I am standing inside an open one. God will never leave the door shut without unlocking a new one." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, lest they become discouraged." (Colossians 3:21) Instead, "...bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4). "If parents would only realize that love, honor, and respect is a two-way street, it would have been a better place to live." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"How do you know if you can still keep growing as a Christian? Check your pulse. If it’s still beating—then you can still keep growing. Go, Glow, and Grow in CHRIST!" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

""I do not know what may come next across my pilgrim road...I do not know where tomorrow’s path will take me to...I do not know what the future holds. But, I do know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand. "Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth."" (Proverbs 27:1) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"The Bible is like a telescope. If a man looks through his telescope he sees worlds beyond; but if he looks at his telescope, he does not see anything but that. The Bible is a thing to be looked through to see that which is beyond; but most people only look at it and so they see only the letter of the law." -One Thousand Gems, Henry Ward Beecher

"A Perfect Heart is a heart that beats for God and for others. It either chooses to love or it doesn't for there's no such thing as in between. For a Perfect Heart is not afraid to love genuinely even if it breaks." -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"A man who would live for Christ in a turbulent world must draw his life from the very depths of God Himself, not from the froth and foam of surface experience." -Oswald Chambers

"Feeling exhausted? Try this: Start getting more sleep each night, begin a program of regular, sensible exercise, avoid harmful food and drink, and turn your problems over to God. And, the greatest of these is "turn your problems over to God." …"t is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'" (Matthew 4:4) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"God doesn’t require you to be 'somebody' to serve. The heart of service is an increasing Christ and a decreasing self. I pray that at the end of life’s journey may the Lord say to us,

"Well done, good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:23) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"If you think that your life is a smorgasbord of pain brought about by unforgettable memories of past relationships and abuses, understand this: your past pain doesn’t have to define you and your future relationships. Be the first generation to break the cycle! Pray, and trust the Lord. "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." (Psalm 147:3) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"For me, CHRIST is the brightest star in the entire universe … "the BRIGHT and MORNING Star" (Revelation 22:16). HE created all things and without HIM there is nothing made! To GOD be all the glory in CHRIST!" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"In GOD's vast universe, we are just like a 'speck of dust'. And, it is amazing that GOD loves us through Christ Jesus, our LORD and SAVIOR!" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"There is a divine blessing to being quiet—talking less...just listening to what God is telling you. For "in the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise." (Proverbs 10:19) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

""No man that seeks after things in life, is a soldier who passes the test. Be faithful, be working, be running, be serving. Be searching for GOD's WORD for His best. "For GOD has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (1 Timothy 1:7). May the LORD find us faithful in words and in deeds."" -Mac and Beth Lynch

""The lips of the righteous feed many, but fools die for lack of wisdom." (Proverbs 10:21). TALK is CHEAP!"" -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"The wisdom of the folly has no place in the heart of a man who walks in the wisdom of GOD. For "the wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way, but the folly of fools is deceit." (Proverbs 14:8). "Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding, but what is in the heart of fools is made known." (Proverbs 14:33) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Money cannot buy REAL love, joy, happiness, peace ..... friendship. "If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God." (Colossians 3:1-3) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"REAL LOVE is not a competition. It is a giving up of oneself for the welfare of the other person." Love "...does not seek its own..." (1 Corinthians 13:5b) -Erlinda Mejia Olson

"Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established." (Proverbs 16:3)